My Top 10 Snapbacks

Snapbacks are one of the hottest items out there. With their vintage style and a ton of different designs to choose from, these hats are a great way to represent your individuality. Head over to to see what styles are currently available. So this is my list of my 10 favorites, check em out.

Being from Boston, I got to represent the Celts by starting the list off with this one. I like the yellow strips and the lettering.

The RAAAAAIDERSSS! Back when they were good and in LA. Who doesn’t like the classic black and silver?

The California Angels. I like the sound of that. Sounds hell of a lot better than the Los Angels Angels of Anaheim.

The U is a professional athlete producing machine. I’m a big fan of the green and orange.

Probably one of the most popular snapbacks are the Phoenix Suns hats. There are a ton of different designs and they are all dope.

Being an alumni, I gotta represent the Zoo.

I like the way the Dodgers logo is infused with the “Los Angeles”.

This one is kind of a combination of the Celtics one and the RAAAAIDERRSSS. I like it. I like it alot.

Classic retro Eagles.

And finally, UCLA. I’m liking the boldness of the school’s name and I also kinda like the cartoon bruin on the side.

Head over to to find the best deals and latest styles for all of your snapback needs.

Comment with your favorite snapback favorites.

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