In this season of march Madness we present some of our members own brands! The response was SO gigantic that we will be running many more contests like this.  Now take a look at these up and coming bigshots and vote for which you want to see sold on PLNDR.  Also go “like” their logo’s on the PLNDR facebook photo album titled, “March Madness.”


1.       Spacecraft Collective

My work is a distillation of meaning. Confronted with the irreconcilability of life its divine implications and its violence; I work to build a bridge constructed from archetypal iconography clad in a  pop sensibility.  I enjoy creating these narrative structures with multiple levels of meaning.  Each image a vignette from a larger unfolding story; I work to capture the concise moment of transition in these stories capable of translating insight and change into this space.

2.       Party Time Watches

Party Time Watches was founded by two students at the University of Michigan. We believe our watches add some flash to every outfit.  They do not tell the real time, but, instead, they blink the saying “party time” all the time (which, frankly, is much better than knowing the real time anyways).

3.       My Ninja

We are the golden child of 80′s Bennetton and 90′s Dance. My Ninja! will never be a shirt nor a design, but a statement that allows individuals to connect on the constant cultural blending our generation faces. WE LOVE. WE LIVE. WE BALANCE. WE FORGIVE. Repeat x.

4.       Luigi Sardo

Founded in 2008 in Australia, Luigi Sardo is inspired by a man who was a gentleman, a soldier, a father, a survivor and a role model. Old fashioned Italian morals combined with modern looks and simplicity.

Luigi was a man who put the needs of other before his own, and faced every challenge with a positive attitude.

5.       Fresh Fit Franchize Clothing Co

“If you’re not FRESH then you don’t FIT” Fresh Fit Franchize Clothing Co. was created in 2008, based out of Louisville, Kentucky. I know that when you wear Fresh Fit gear you always get looks and catch people’s attention. I’ve had middle aged office ladies walk up to me and ask to take a picture with me just because of the 3D tee. We’ve started to not really give a fuck about what anyone else was doing and that’s where the motto “Fresh Fit and Fuck the Rest” came from. It’s a brand for those who Fiend to be the best and really DGAF about how they get there.

6.       Charlie Noble

CHARLIE NOBLE is the collaborative effort of two colleagues that have each spent some time at sea.  With this background it was only fitting to produce original graphic tees and classic workwear that touches on the spirit of maritime history.

CHARLIE NOBLE is named for a ship Captain in the 19th century. He was famous for making his crew polish the galley smokestack on the ship because it was made out of copper. Either he was meticulous about keeping a clean ship, probably to the point of having OCD, or he was a tyrant for making the crew keep a smokestack clean. With little else known about him, his true character is up for discussion, but his attention to detail is the essence of CHARLIE NOBLE.

7.       The Masses

A passionate group of friends decided to collarborate on a clothing project to express their love for art, design, music, and dance through one entit. Collectively calling them-selves, The Masses, the brand represents teh mass of people from all walks of life that live their freedom of creative expression.

8.       Ill Threads

Illthreads was founded on Oct. 18, 2010 in Jersey City, NJ. It’s owned and privately ran by a dedicated Graphic Designer out trying to spread his love for art, satisfy customers, and make a name for himself. Illthreads mainly focuses on both graphic and typography designs. Full story can be found at @

9.       Mfumo

Mfumo means cloth or the connectedness of all things in Swahili. We represent the connectedness of all things and we express that ideology through our designs and themes.

10.   Proverse

Pro: for, in favor of; Pro (vs. con) positive aspects,  Verse: poem, a piece of poetry, music.

Proverse is a conjunction that represents “positive poetics.”  We place our greatest value in words like “drive,” “motivation,” “enlightenment,” “uprising” and “determination,” with hopes of converting these words into actions and lifestyles.  Our goal is to inspire the uninspired and to spark a passion for creativity and originality within everyone we cross.  Live, Express, and Create.

11.   OxDx

OxDx is a Native American owned clothing line based out of Arizona. OXDX has evolved from the name “Overdose”, a name picked to describe our interpretation of the world today. From the wars, politics, and all the other bullshit, OXDX reminds everybody to take a step back and breath. The world and the people in it are consumed too much in the system, consumed so much that they O.D. Overdose on what they think is normal; on what they think is cool, but OXDX stands strong to remind society that there are better things to O.D. on… Ambition, Tradition,  and Fashion…

12.   Effulgence

effulgence, a noun meaning radiant splendor – brilliance. It’s human nature to have the urge to keep wanting. To be better than the best and to be greater than the greatest. Even when we reach a goal, we make goals upon goas as we all strugle and face obstacles along the way. We simply always week to be at the state of effulgence, to shine, to be brilliant, to be great.

People are ambitious and have many ideas to pursuit but friends and enemies put negativity upon them out of jealously or afraid  of others’ success. It’s sometimes hard to witness ones effulgence when you’re in the process of reaching your own. Just say EFFU(lgence) to them. EFFU to “me and you, your momma and your cousin too” as we reach for effulgence.

13.   ArtistiCreation

Ar·tis·tic: Showing skill or excellence in execution.

Cre·a·tion: The act of producing or causing to exist.

ArtistiCreation: The name speaks for itself.  A company that’s unconventional, with a purpose of attracting individuals wanting to be a part of something unique.  A self-made lifestyle brand that produces according to how we live and what we feel.  “Original Product of the Mind.”


14.   Mars Mansion

Mars Mansion was designed for the dreamers.  The dream chaser, Mars mansion is more than just a unique title. It’s a lifestyle, a culture.  Not only a lifestyle that we promote but a lifestyle that we live everyday. We believe every dream should be giving at least one shot no matter that media art, talent, or form of self-expression.

Mars Mansion was founded in the fall of 2009 with 5 member, William Polite(Wichita Kansas), Lex Garcia(wichita, ks), Jayden Flemming(Wichita ks), Jairus Midget(Tulsa, Ok), and La’urone Jones(Memphis,Tn) and we all attend school for fashion. Although we are all from different cities we are based out of Dallas, tx.

15.   TLR & Co.

The Livid Rival & Company, also known as “The Rivals”, was established in 2010 as the first streetwear brand to come out of Santa Barbara CA. Influenced by progressive street culture and the modern aesthetics of American fashion, TLR&Co. proudly stands as a brand that is built to withstand the elements of the streets while staying true to the roots of its foundation. Created by two brothers eager to see a change in their community’s lack of choices or individuality, Ruben and Cristian Sagastume set out to build a brand unlike any other in their area. The attention to detail and bold themes explored by the brand help to encourage the American standard of quality  and  continues to fuel the unapologetic views of the nations youth. We live by two things, the saying “Word Is Bond” and the motto “By Any Means Necessary”. That means stand up or ante up! TLR&Co.

16.   CX. City

CX.CITY is an apparel and art project based out of the coastal LAX area of southern California that embodies the spirit of the city’s lifestyle as well as the visuals of its surroundings.


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  1. Stormi Raine

    Mars Mansion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jasper P

    i think mars mansion is the most original they are the dopest!! they have their own style! NO WAY THEY SHOULD LOSE. FRESH FIT IS NICE ASWELL


    OxDx (overdose)fersure..shit the sickest
    ALL DAY!

    OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx OxDx

  4. Daniel


















  5. AC groupie

    team AC in my ACreation I fresh as the winter …chant with me In my ACreation on fresh as the winter Team AC Team AC Team AC team AC Team AC ……

  6. Nico

    ArtistiCreation is pretty dope with that ice grill shirt, Fresh Fit seems cool and so is The Masses. also digging the MarsMansion

  7. Mana

    EFFULGENCEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Jess

    * ArtistiCreation (50%, 614 Votes)
    * Effulgence (50%, 604 Votes)
    How are we still at 50% if we got more votes?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AC BABY!

  9. AcreationITGUY

    Acreation was up 400 and somethings votes to 80 something votes for fresh fit franchize at 1:15pm Pacific standard time! Now there are completely up almost a 1000 votes in 30 mins….. Somebody ain’t playin fair!

  10. maleek Solo

    Artistic Creation all the way… they collab with fly times crewneck gets me compliments every time i wear it. Most Dope

  11. Nancy

    EFFULGENC! Great name, and meaning behind the whole brand! The designs are FRESH and very modern. Definatley something I could see me wearing. THANKS!

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